San Rafael Martial Arts teaches Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.  With origins from Northern and Southern China and roots from the Shaolin Temple; Choy Li Fut is an effective and practical martial art; perfect for today’s modern applications. Designed as a combative Martial Art in 1836, Choy Li Fut offers many traditional punches, kicks and sweeps found in many stand up arts, as well as joint locks, pressure points, takedowns and submissions.

Our classes are geared to improve cardio, flexibility and body strength while learning a traditional and practical Martial Art with a focus on self defense.  Join the fun in learning traditional hand, weapon and animal forms of Choy Li Fut; and the many Self Defense techniques they offer.

  • Cardio:  Our cardio is meant to get the blood pumping and muscles warm.  This will help minimize risk of injury and help with stretching before workout.

  • Flexibility:  Stretching before and after a warm up will bring your flexibility to new levels while maintaining flexibility in other areas.

  • Strength:  Practicing forms and there self defense application will add strength and coordination in many old and new areas of the body.

  • Self Defense:  With every move in Choy Li Fut's traditional forms being a self defense application; you will find yourself with many options to help get you out of a bad situation.


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Adults                                         6:30-7:30         6:30-7:30        6:30-7:30        6:30-7:30   11:00 - 12:00

Sparring                                                                                                                                   12:30 - 1:15

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