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San Rafael Martial Arts Kids Kung Fu


Our kids are taught the art of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.  Through our Fitness Drills, Self Defense and traditional forms practice, our kids gain and show confidence in themselves. We also teach life skills that are engrained in Choy Li Fut Kung Fu; such as Respect, Discipline, Focus and Confidence.  Our kids know that this part of Kung Fu may be practiced anytime and anywhere.

  • Respect:  Our students learn to respect the art, their classmates and themselves.   Our students are shown the different ways to show respect at the Kung Fu School, at home and at school.

  • Discipline:  Learning, Practicing and Applying what is being taught teaches discipline.  Our kids are rewarded for the effort put towards this and all achieved goals.

  • Focus:  Safety is our number one goal in every class and our goal for our kids outside of class.  Staying focused leads to completing goals with less distractions.

  • Confidence:  Confidence is built and grows with every class.  The self confidence that our kids see within themselves will show to others outside of class.  The recognition they get outside of class will build confidence within themselves.

  • Self Defense:  It takes all of the above skills to be effective in self defense training.  Our kids program teaches them the skills needed to get away from any uncomfortable  and potentially dangerous situation.

Through our challenging workouts, drills and forms practice, our kids show improvement in strength, flexibility, coordination and timing. 


Our kids become more goal oriented, with many performing better academically in school.  These accomplishments give our kids an added confidence to achieve more goals in Kung Fu class and outside of class.

Class Schedule


                                MON                 TUE                 WED                 THU                 FRI                SAT

Tigers (6-10)         4 - 4:45                                     4 - 4:45                                    4 - 4:45           9 - 9:45

Int/Adv Tigers                              4 - 4:45                                     4 -4:45                                  10 - 10:45

Sparring Class                                                                                                                           12:30-1:15


Lion Dancing                                                                                                                             10:00-11:00

Red M.

My son looks forward to his classes, he enjoys them and they wear him out.  Its a great environment and the teachers are caring and encouraging.  I'm really glad we found this place.

Nancy K.

What's most special, though, is that Sifu Terrance teaches the kids about so much more than the art form.  He teaches them to respect their parents and teachers, to protect themselves from strangers and to do their best in all aspects of their life.

Ellen L.

We've been attending for about 6 months and LOVE IT!  Sifu Terrance is great with kids and give them the attention they need, showing them the right form, instilling confidence, and having fun.

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