We teach our Teens Choy Li Fut Kung Fu.  Besides getting a chance to learn and practice the forms associated with Kung Fu, our Teens get to learn the many Self-Defense applications that these forms represent.  Explained thoroughly and practiced safely, these techniques provide focus, respect and confidence for our teens.

Practicing our forms and self defense techniques will help develop strength in our teens.  Our teens learn the importance of other types of strength too.  The strength to say no, the strength to make the right decision, the strength to stand up for themselves and others, the strength to show their true capabilities and potential.  Developing these strengths help build their confidence and character.

We also offer our teens, either in a separate class or incorporated in our group classes:

  • Sparring

  • Lion Dancing

  • Weapon Sparring


                                MON                 TUE                 WED                 THU                 FRI                 SAT


Teens (11-14)    5:00-6:00         5:00-6:00        5:00-6:00        5:30-6:30       5:00-6:00     10:00-11:00

Sparring                                                                                                                6 - 6:30

Demo Team                                6 - 6:30

Black Sash Club                                                                           5 - 5:30

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